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Wines in Niagara offers “help” to choose Chardonnay Day wines

Presenting this many 90+ scored Ontario Chardonnays to choose from may not actually constitute “help,” leaving you with more stellar choices than you can cope with, but Rick VanSickle’s heart is in the right place! He narrowed down his list by focussing on only wines that he’s reviewed so far this year. Otherwise, we could […]

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The “Great Chardo Swap” wines can be yours!

WHAT DICTATES THE STYLE OF A WINE, THE WINEMAKER, OR THE TERROIR? The Great Chardo Swap, spearheaded by Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute (CCOVI) Principal Scientist Belinda Kemp, sought to answer that very question.* The concept? Six winemakers from east of the Welland Canal made wine from Chardonnay grapes grown on the west side […]

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Ontario: The Chopin of Chardonnay

With Sara d’Amato and John Szabo, Wine Thieves With a broad, international perspective, award-winning author, Decanter columnist and broadcaster, Andrew Jefford shares his thoughts on Ontario Chardonnay after his role as a keynote speaker at this year’s i4C (International Cool Climate Celebration) in Niagara, Ontario. Join John & Sara as they listen in to Jefford’s […]

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Video: International Cool Climate Chardonnay Celebration (i4C) 2022

By Jamie Goode, wineanorak.com I head to Canada’s Niagara wine region for the International Cool Climate Chardonnnay Celebration 2022, known simply as i4C. It’s a great event that brings together Chardonnay producers from around the wine world. Here’s a short film capturing a little of the Friday and Saturday night events. See the videos here.

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Chardonnay Will Define Us

By David Lawrason, Wine Align It is ironic and important that Canada is likely to be defined on the world stage by the world’s most popular and ubiquitous white wine grape. Couldn’t we have found something sexier and more exotic, like Austrian gruner veltliner or Greek assyritiko? Or sieggerebe from B.C.’s Lake Country, as was […]

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