What Kind of Cool Are You?

Where do you start when presented with nearly 80 Chardonnays to taste? It’s daunting; there’s no doubt. 

Well, the Cool Climate Oenology & Viticulture Institute (CCOVI) of Brock University was at “Chardonnay in the Vineyard” on July 22, 2023, expressly to help with that challenge! Based on a concept developed for us by Dr. Linda Bramble, volunteers from CCOVI help you answer the question, “What kind of Cool are you?”

You start by tasting four “exemplars” blind (no influence from the label), and then you choose the one you prefer. The volunteers then reveal the wine you’ve chosen and, more importantly, the style of the wine you’ve chosen. Was it Fruity, Crisp, Smooth or Rich? Then you’re given a list of the other wines in the Grand Tasting that have been classified as the same style by their winemaker. Now the Grand Tasting becomes a little more manageable! 

CCOVI’s Manager, Professional Studies & Outreach, Barb Tatarnic describes it perfectly, “There are no wrong answers!” It’s not a test – it’s a tool to help you understand your palate. 

There is a Chardonnay for everyone!