Behind the Scenes at i4C – Part Two

Jen Feschuk, Artistic Director

Photo by Nataschia Wielink

After cutting her teeth with brides and bridezillas in Victoria and Vancouver, BC, where she owned a successful wedding planning business, Jen Feschuk returned to her native Niagara to raise her three daughters. Now back in the events business as the owner of Fête Events, Jen brings a fresh and unique flair to event planning, event décor and staging, with an eye for perfection in event execution. 

Since 2015, Jen has brought a whole new world of style and structure to the International Cool Climate Chardonnay Celebration in her role as Artistic Director. Provided with a modest budget and an army of volunteers, Jen creates magical settings for the Friday and Saturday night signature events of i4C.  Highlights of her designs are the “Cool” selfie spots that have resulted in popular social media posts and thousands of event impressions. 

As co-lead with Trisha for Chardonnay in the City and Chardonnay in the Vineyard, Jen oversees a team of enthusiastic staff and volunteers to ensure seamless event execution. And because Jen is also active in the indy music scene, she manages all entertainment bookings for i4C.

Jen does all this with an aura of calm and authority that makes her a natural leader and a vital member of the management team for i4C.

Q&A with Jen

 Of all the things you’ve designed for i4C events, do you have a personal favourite?

A  Lights, lights and more lights! Nothing beats a wrapped tree, candlelight or twinkle lights in a vineyard setting.

Q  What was your biggest design challenge? 

 There is always a challenge with making things look great on a modest budget. We find ways to reuse items year after year, while keeping them fresh and fun. 

 What would you like to say to the i4C volunteers who help with the creation and set-up of your concepts?

A  What I love most about this event is the amazing camaraderie with our volunteer family. They are always up for anything – gluing, cutting, folding, slicing – honestly, we have done it all! I have never worked on an event with such an enthusiastic and amazing group of people. Also, I’d like to shout out to the incredible Stephen Molokach, who always turns my insane ideas into reality. Could not do anything without him!

  Is there anything you can’t make out of corks? (Just kidding!)

A  Is that a challenge?  😃