Ontario: The Chopin of Chardonnay

With Sara d’Amato and John Szabo, Wine Thieves

Sara d'Amato and John Szabo, Wine Thieves

With a broad, international perspective, award-winning author, Decanter columnist and broadcaster, Andrew Jefford shares his thoughts on Ontario Chardonnay after his role as a keynote speaker at this year’s i4C (International Cool Climate Celebration) in Niagara, Ontario. Join John & Sara as they listen in to Jefford’s consequential speech which connects the dynamic aspects of wine to music. 

Jefford shares his understanding of how a winemaker can bring a sense of place most memorably into being, without the hindsight of a long tradition. In the case of Ontario, Jefford tells us why chardonnay is most apt in clearly revealing a sense of North: “the great brooding icy masses of water; the sticky chaos of moraine and till; the implacable grey of winter; the green frenzy of summer.” If a region’s uniqueness can be expressed through the instrument of a grape variety, the group discusses the importance of “winemakers who are listening for singularities of landscape and topographical aptitude.” But is chardonnay, like the cherished piano, overused and taken for granted? All this and more in this unforgettable episode of The Wine Thieves. 

Listen to the podcast here. (Includes a full recording of Andrew Jefford’s i4C Keynote Address)